“I don’t think any other primary school in Bristol does so much in the way of arts and drama, from the May Country Dancing to the summer Shakespeare.” Parent, Year 6

“You feel that the teachers know your personality and they are interested in you as well as in your results.” Pupil, Year 6

“I love St Michael’s diversity. It has been an incredible environment for our children.” Parent, Years 4 and 2

“St Michael’s is a great small school. Really friendly, with opportunities to meet children from all over the world. There’s lots of opportunity to learn through experience, with outings upon which work is based. Children’s social and emotional development is valued alongside academic achievements. Our children love coming to school.” Parent, Year 3 and 6

“All three of my children have attended St Michael’s and all three have loved the school. My eldest two have now left. They achieved well academically at St Michael’s but as importantly for me left with a knowledge of the wider world outside their community, a sense of tolerance and empathy. This is a reflection of the amazing diversity of the school, the commitment and creativity of the teachers and all the marvellous additional activities they do, like the Year 6 Shakespeare play, egg-rolling down Brandon Hill, the Mummers play and May country dancing. ” Parent, Year 3