We have been playing around with mystery in Year 6 this term!  Using the work of Harris Burdick as a stimulus, the children have been writing suspense stories and poems using different techniques and sentence structures to build an air of mystery to keep their readers engaged; they have produced some absolutely incredible writing as a result!  Harris Burdick has also provided the children with a platform to play with shade to create depth within their artwork.

On World Book Day, we enjoyed sharing the Dr Xargle stories, which we love so much, with children from other year groups.

 IMG_1358      IMG_1357        IMG_1356


We also loved having the ladies from the Travelling Kitchen come into school to help us create a feast based on breads from around the world, also making butter, guacamole, hummus and re-fried beans.  The class also got the opportunity to try lots of different cheeses too – some of which (mainly the blue cheese) didn’t go down as well as others!  Sarah and Clare were so impressed with Year 6’s brilliant behaviour and culinary skills and it’s safe to say, the food didn’t last long!  The class were able to write brilliant explanation texts after making all of these breads: a lot can be said for first-hand experience aiding writing.

IMG_20160217_100034266            IMG_20160217_111740282                          IMG_3015