Children in Year 6 have written the following updates:

We have been learning how to do long division. We have found out that it is a more efficient way to divide large numbers than using the bus stop method. It can be really difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, it is very simple. We have been putting this into practise by challenging ourselves with word problems. Afterwards we have reflected on our understanding to help us next time.           By Maia and Ilwad

In DT, we have been making buzzer games! We brought in cereal boxes to paint and design. Everyone had to put together their electrical circuits. Once we had done that, we sealed the boxes with a hot glue gun. Afterwards, we played with each other’s games. Even Margaret, our Head teacher, joined in!       By Lala

In English, we have been reading a book named Floodland written by Marcus Sedgwick. We did a variety of different pieces of writing, such as our poems and alternative endings. Some of us enjoyed the book, particularly the ending, but a few children disagreed, and said it was too predictable. It was a very interesting book, as it referred to Climate Change and Global Warming, which we have been learning about in Science