Welcome to Year 6 Birch Class!

We have already managed to pack so much into the first term of the final year here at St Michael’s; from making sure we’re secure in our understanding of place value, to learning about how light travels and how we see, to designing and baking our own bread during D&T week.

In literacy, we have been reading ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. The pieces of work the children have created are fantastic, it’s been great to see the pride they have taken in their work.  We’ve also been learning lots of new football skills in PE with our Superstars coach, Chris, and honing our balancing and coordination skills in gymnastics.

The beginning of Term 2 sees 18 of us head off to Culmington Manor in Shropshire for a week of adventure training.  Photos will be up soon!

baking bread 1 baking read 2 our bread Tasha and Frankie

leaves 5 - Frankie and Tasha

football skills