During last year’s Art Week, in our project ‘If the Shore Could Speak’, we learned about the plight of refugees making the journey from danger to safer shores. We wrote haikus on large beach pebbles, telling the stories of such journeys as we imagined them.

A year later, in the half term holiday, Linnea went back to the Welsh shoreline where the pebbles came from and replaced them along the coastal path, for others to read and reflect on.

Masked men came to us

They took over the city

Like thieves in the night


Leaving you behind

Never to see you again

But I have to go


Travelling by sea

Cramped with six hundred like me

Risk my life for peace


Salty tears

Fear tugged at me like sea weed

Dragging me down low


Clinging to my hope

Like lichen on a wet rock

I must not give up


Fear won the battle

All I know is far behind

A new life ahead

Post SATs – What a lovely English picnic!

Post SATs Picnic