This term, Year 6 have mainly been studying all about the circulatory and digestive systems in science, however, we went to the zoo at the end of term to kick-start our new topic: Evolution and Adaptation.  There was a special session run by an expert and we learned so much!  Afterwards, we went around the zoo thinking about how different animals have adapted over time in order to survive. 

During Art and Music week, the class composed a very ethereal tune about Jack climbing up the beanstalk.  We used a backing track and then developed our own rhythm and an a-capella-style song to go over the top.  We also honed our sewing skills: learning how to do a running stitch and cross stitch.  The class made their own leaves to add to the beanstalk, which was beautifully put together by our wonderful TA, Sue De G.  They used their newly acquired sewing skills, applique and embroidery to create leaves which were totally unique to each child; each leaf depicted an element of the story, plus something completely personal to them.  Great work!