What a jam-packed term this has been! We began the term by heading over to Treginnis Isaf Farm in St David’s, West Wales.  This was a fantastic week full of muck and mayhem, and a huge learning curve for all of the children who went.  They were not afraid of getting their hands dirty and got stuck into a plethora of farm tasks and took in the stunning Welsh scenery on coastal walks and beach visits – all whilst enduring some very wild weather!

Back in the classroom, we have been looking at a specific area of our topic (Weather and Climate) and understanding what volcanoes are; how they are formed and they behave. In order to do this, we have combined our geographic and our chemical knowledge and built some fantastic volcanoes.  We then used a combination of ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ ingredients (namely vinegar and bicarbonate of soda) to create explosions.  In PE lessons, we have been honing our tennis skills.  Our Superstars coach, Chris, has been amazed at our skill acquisition and how quickly we’ve got to grips with forehand, backhand and overhead lobs.