Term five has definitely been our busiest term yet. Practising for our Summer Dance and Mummers Play has been a great challenge but there have been a number of other achievements the children should be proud of.

In English, we have explored two different types of non-fiction genres. First of all, we learnt about persuasive writing with our history topic on the Anglo Saxons. On the history side, we made some amazing paper craft Anglo-Saxon houses. Next, we studied a Russian folk tale called ‘Firebird’ and learnt to write discussions about the characters in this book. We spent some time making some lovely collages of a scene in this tale where the firebird steals golden apples from a tree in a palace garden.

Our science topic has been ‘Animals including Humans’ which has seen us make clay models of our own teeth and give a practical demonstration of the digestive system using a pair of tights, plastic bag and a paper cup to show how food gets digested by the body. We have continued our discussion writing into our science topic to discuss animals that are having their habitats threatened by climate change. We constructed food chains whilst learning the answer to questions such as ‘how and what does a worm eat?’

In maths, we have really come forward in big strides, learning in depth about decimals, among other things, and all the time we are gradually getting better at our multiplication tables which we practise every day. Chess continues and we have finished our chess championship with a few of the children going on to represent the school in a chess tournament. Our work on metacognition (learning about how we learn) continues. As part of this, we have been again learning about the benefits of a growth mindset.


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