This term has been an exciting mix of things: fractions in maths, keeping healthy in PSHE and studying The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson in English. This week the children are imitating the narrative poem by retelling the story and changing only one aspect of the narrative. The following week, year 5 will be creating their own legend. Watch this space…

Our topic has turned us into 3D designers where we have been using the programme Sketchup to turn our 2D designs into 3D designs. We are building our own houses and creating our dream bedrooms next week.

Here are some comments from the children,

‘ Sketchup is fun because we are learning as we build!’ Daniel

‘I like being able to use my imagination.’ Alaya

‘I like being able to choose my own design.’ Rose.

I hope to add some more designs to the website as children finish them. Have a look at some of our examples!

max and Danny's house  Lola house Benjamin and Kushal's house mayas window