What a fantastic start to the year. Not only have we been following Tim Peake in space, (watching him play ping pong with a water bubble and hydrophobic bats) we have been learning about the planet s and deciding whether or not we agree with the flat earth theory- we have had some heated debates! We also went to @Bristol to visit the planetarium at the end of term. In maths we have been consolidating our multiplication and division skills. A lot of us can complete speed table in 3 minutes or under now – impressive stuff.

In English, we have been studying ‘There’s a boy in the girls bathroom’ by Louis Sachar. The children have loved writing Bradley Chalkers’ diary as well as writing his school report! Have a look at some examples below or come and have a look at the display of our work outside our classroom. Don’t forget to read his diary!

‘We really enjoyed this book, it was exciting and we kept being surprised by the twists at the end! (Cameron and Mia)

‘The book has inspired me to want to write like that! I have even started to write my own book at home.’ ( Blaze)

‘I enjoyed it when Bradley kept saying ‘ Call the zoo if you don’t believe me!’’ (Ava)

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