During Term 3, we learnt about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica aboard the Endurance. We studied his motivation and leadership, and shared his triumphs and fears as he brought his crew back to civilisation from the brink of certain death, at each turn facing challenges and dilemmas one would not wish upon one’s worst enemy.
This topic afforded us ample opportunities for the study of the properties of materials. We really enjoyed testing which material would have kept the explorers best insulated against the Antarctic cold, as well as which trouser-material would have best suited Shackleton’s ‘bare-backed’ 1500 feet slide down an icy mountainside down to the South Georgia whaling station of Stromness.
In Art, we have studied the Antarctic landscape with a particular focus on perspective. We have made collages and canvas studies, which will lead on to woven landscapes in Term 4.
The many hardships of the ill-fated expedition gave rise to lots of heated discussions, and allowed us to study the art of debating in English. We learnt to structure our arguments, anticipate objections and to bring a discussion to an elegant close.
In PE, we have been working on developing fitness and stamina with a unit of work based on short circuit fitness training.
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