We enjoyed learning about camouflage, animal pigmentation, plant medicine and nature’s architects during a visit to Bristol University’s Life Sciences department. The workshops were really engaging, interactive and informative, and inspired some of us to consider jobs in related fields.

We were invited to sing a hymn at the opening of the New Room’s new Visitors’ Centre, as we went for a visit to the New Room earlier in the year while studying the life of John Wesley, the father of Methodism. We chose to sing Be Thou My Vision, which we all really enjoy singing. The chapel was full, and there were representatives from different parts of the world, including the Duke of Gloucester. After the ceremony was over, many people came to say how much they had enjoyed our singing. And we were very lucky to get to have a peep at the new Visitors’ Centre and enjoy a little chat with His Royal Highness, the Duke of Gloucester. 

Here we are on our annual Avon Gorge Cruise, a day spent on the river, as part of our local history topic. We have spent the term learning about Bristol’s place in history and the river which runs through it, and it is great to experience this connection to our locality first hand. We have practiced some sea shanties to cheer us on our way!