In Year 4, we have ended our school year by learning about ancient Egypt. In English, we learnt how to write newspaper reports about Tutankhamun and in guided reading we read A Day in the Life of a Pharaoh to find out exactly what Pharaohs did all day. In art, we made some canopic jars out of clay and learnt that a mummified pharaoh’s lungs and intestines would be stored in these jars for use in the afterlife. At the end of term, we got to see some real canopic jars in Bristol Museum and Art Gallery as well as a mummified body! During the trip we took part in a fascinating workshop where we looked at real and replica Egyptian artefacts which taught us a lot about Egypt. We learnt how mud bricks were made, how you propped a mummy’s head up, what equipment you needed for the ‘opening of the mouth’ ceremony and lots more. The teacher in the workshop said that she was very impressed with the children’s level of knowledge!

Besides Egypt, our final term also saw us making mini plasticine models of Caliban who is a monster from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. We also painted the scenery of the island where Caliban lived which was glued on to cardboard and put on display in the Wickham Theatre.

Earlier in the term, we had a trip to the forest school in Clifton near Leigh Woods. This time, the children got to make sculptures and pictures using anything they could find in the wood, slacklining (which is a bit like walking the tight-rope) and another cross country run.

As this is my last term at the school, I would like to thank all of the parents for being amazing and wish all the children good luck for Year 5. I will be in touch with Linnea and Jess to find out how they are getting on!

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