I am incredibly proud of Year 4’s performance of the Cumberland Square Eight dance and their mummers play. It made a very nice end to an interesting term. We’ve been on two trips: the Aquarium and @Bristol. Science week fitted well within this: a visit from Dr Lane helping us make wind-up cars; learning about pulleys and mechanical advantage; siphons; measuring volume by displacing water; measuring the distance of balloon rockets and a lot of writing to describe all of this. We explored more measures with the timing of footballs going downhill and baking scones. In literacy, we made speech punctuation and spelling patterns out of plasticine and pipe-cleaners to help us remember. We’ve also been performing a script based on Varjak Paw (which we’ve now finished studying) complete with cat masks. We had a few messy science lessons on the human body, making our teeth out of plasticine and the digestive system out of orange juice, plastic bags and pairs of tights. Finally, we’ve started playing ‘secret buddy’ again this term and I’ve seen some really friendly gestures between children and a big improvement on last time. Thanks as always to all you brilliant parents and wonderful children.