In PE this term, we have worked on our teamwork and ball-passing skills, building up to small games of bench ball. We’re increasingly doing ‘the daily mile’ in the mornings. Our current goal is to be able to run all the way round the playground seven times without stopping. Chess with Chris continues to happen every Friday. A lot of the class say they enjoy chess and I am finding most of the children can now beat me in a game! Our RE this term has been all about Sikhism and is leading up to our trip to the Gurdwara next term. The children should now be able to talk about the ‘Five K’s’ of Sikhism and explain some of the things you can see and do in a Gurdwara. Our English topic on the novel Varjak Paw has now finished. The children produced some fantastic diary writing along with some great Varjak Paw collages and posters for art. Although we still need to read the end of the book next term, we will begin the term on a new Talk for Writing topic based on The Pied Piper story. In maths this term, we focused on division and multiplication and explored these concepts in a number of different ways from arrays, bar models, number rods and our rod tracks to actually drawing what a maths problem might look like.

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