In Willow class this term we have been focusing on a Russian folk tale – The Firebird. We have been trying to put ourselves in the shoes of several of the characters, especially Prince Ivan the main character. As he travelled from kingdom to kingdom, tricking people and trying to steal things, we have decided that we don’t think he is a hero and so have been trying to persuade him to make different choices. We have also looked at his companion Grey Wolf and whether we think he should have been helping Ivan as much as he does in the story. This has involved plenty of roleplay and even some movement to music by Stravinsky inspired by the story.

This term has also had a real focus on multiplication and learning our times tables. A new method of multiplication, column multiplication, has been introduced to the class and we have seen how we can use it to multiply much larger numbers than we can do in our heads.

We also travelled to Overcourt farm to plant trees with the Woodland Trust and learned a lot about trees and what scientists are just learning about them whilst enjoying a morning getting very muddy! In the run up to Christmas we have also made lots of cards for our winter fair using stamps and collage to be really creative. During kindness week the children made the wonderful kindness cards which are pictured below.

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