Year 4 made their final trip to the swimming baths on Friday with a fun session on the slide and water games. Chess is getting very competitive and will continue for the rest of the year. Origami at lunch times has risen in popularity this term with far more boys coming than before. We’ve made some very nice mice, velociraptors and origami shirts amongst other things. The high point of the term must have been the cinema trip to see Cars 3 in 3D.  I think they should be most proud of some of their maths and writing. In Term 2 , we’ve replaced Alien Counting with Mystery Number where a child points to position on  a metre stick with the numbers turned away. The children try to guess the exact numbers which gives them lots of valuable practise in halving, breaking 100 into 25’s, estimating and using a number line. They initially found this tricky, so we’ve spent any spare moment doing this. In PE, they’ve been developing their hockey skills all term and, hopefully, improving their fitness as well. We’re finishing the term with a performance of ‘Walking in the Air’ from Raymond Briggs’s The Snowman as well as a nice little end of term party.

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