During literacy the children have used the text ‘Why bats sleep during the day’ to develop an understanding about fables and the moral theme that runs through them. They used the Bat Story to learn about the structure and themes within fables. They have created story maps and written their own amazing fables which contained dialogue between two characters. The children enjoyed working as a team to act out their fables in 4-6 freeze frames.


In maths this term we have been learning about measurements. We have looked at different units of measurement such as mm, cm and m and measurement conversions. The children have explored units of measurement using a range of instruments such as a ruler, meter sticks and measurement tapes.


This term year 3 have been learning about the Hindu faith. The visit to the Hindu Temple in Bristol (the only Hindu Temple in the South-West of England) was a highlight of this term. The children were able to explore the temple and learn about the beliefs and rituals of the Hindu faith. It was fascinating to see the vibrant colours within the temple! The children then shared their experience with the whole school during assembly.

The children have had the privilege of spending a morning at the forest school at Clifton College activity centre. We learnt new skills such as how to light a fire using a flint, how to work collaboratively to build a shelter from the natural resources in the forest and finally we ran a 2-mile cross country run, which Sulaiman enjoyed very much! All our hard work was rewarded when we toasted our own marshmallows!


This term the children have been learning how to code in the ICT suite. In their weekly sessions they have worked systematically through a coding programme and at the end they had the opportunity to create their own interactive apps.

Last, but not least the children performed an Easter poem in front of the whole school as well as their parents/guardians. The children used their presence, voices and props to share their wonderful talents with everyone. Well done, Michael! your musical skills were clear for everyone to see.

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