In Year 3, we enjoy including art and music in our learning. Here we are starting our ‘Big Draw’, where we created collages in the style of Eric Carle and Henri Matisse. When we’d finished our artworks, we took some time to quietly walk around our gallery, adding feedback and comments on each other’s work. It was lovely to see how our artwork can affect others’ feelings!

IMG_0702        IMG_6364       IMG_6365

We have also been making great progress in our Samba drumming sessions, and have been learning to work together as a group. It’s been tricky to only play the instruments at the right moments, because they make such a great sound, but we can now play in unison and keep a beat. You will be able to come in to hear the class on the last session of term (Thursday, 24th arch) – time tbc.

IMG_0733      IMG_0741