Year 3 have been working extremely hard in their Literacy lessons this term. We have completed a Talk 4 Writing unit which incorporated the folk tale ‘Nail Soup’. The children enjoyed writing their own version of the tale as well as instructions for making soup. Some pupils even managed to make their own soup by following a set of instructions. We have also delved into a Power of Reading unit which focussed on the story, ‘the Iron Man’. This has allowed us to write a diary entry from the protagonist’s point of view, a persuasive letter and a newspaper report which all link to the story. We have also related our DT project this term to the Iron Man by creating our own models of the Iron Man. We have created some amazing adverts for, ‘We the Curious’. which is where we went for our trip this term.

In Maths, we have been looking into place value, as well as addition and subtraction. It has been an excellent start to the year with many children involving themselves in tricky word problems and interesting investigations. We have been solving problems using expanded methods, number lines, dienes, number squares and column method.

Our topic has been very exciting, with lots of interest surrounding the field of ‘Forces and Magnets’. We have been very lucky to visit the, ‘We the Curious’ centre, which offered many activities to do with forces and magnets as well as other areas of Science. We learnt about friction and were introduced to some very abstract concepts in relation to magnetism.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this term and are looking forward to the next with great attitudes and curiosity!