A fantastic term with lots happening. For our work on Judaism we visited a synagogue where we learnt all about the Torah and the ark used to keep the scrolls in.
Our visits to the computer suite have seen us learn how to code.  You can see a screen shot of Sulayman’s and Nada’s design: pressing the keys makes the creatures move. They even added their own trees.
The cross country picture shows Flora at the back of the leading group – her weekly 2km parkruns have certainly paid off as she ran the whole way at a steady pace without walking.
The whole school has been learning a new skill to help us understand how we learn best (metacognition). Y2 have been learning to use chopsticks – Rachel has shared her expertise and was able to make a tower from small cubes.
chopsticks coding_nada_Sulayman cross country RE_1 RE_2 RE_3