Y1IMG_0401In Year 1 we start the children’s journey through the national curriculum. We build on the skills learnt in the EYFS in writing, reading and maths.

We learn new stories through actions and drama and begin to write in a variety of genres, such as letters and instruction writing.

In maths we use lots of games and practical activities to improve our reasoning skills and numbers sense. We don’t just think about how we know the answers but how to explain them and how we know they are right.


Our topic in Term 1 was ‘We’ve just Been on Holiday’ so we learnt about the school environment and different places from around. We worked on our counting and started to think about numbers to 100. In English we learnt the story of The Three Little Pigs. We acted it out and started to write about it.  We begin to move towards independent learning, encouraging the children to take pride in their work.

The other subjects of the national curriculum are covered though our topic work. Our topics include ‘We’re all Going on Holiday’, ‘Time Travellers’ and ‘Living and Growing’.

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