Willow Class have had a fantastic term working really hard on multiplication, including our times tables and written methods, whilst also building our reasoning and problem solving skills.

In English, we have been working hard on dialogue and speech marks, whilst continuing to include description and adverbial phrases. This has focused on The Edge of the World and we have some fantastic stories made up by the class based on this.
In science, we have been learning all about states of matter including a focus on the fixed points of water and all the transitions between solids, liquids and gases and what that means for the molecules. Finally, in RE,we have been learning all about Sikhism. From Guru Nanak to the 5 Ks we have been thinking about what it means to persevere with following a religion through the tenets and beliefs of Sikhism. We even had a trip to a gurdwara to see for ourselves and hear directly from a baptized Sikh.

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