This term we have been looking at The Firebird in depth, a Russian story about Prince Ivan and his quest to find and capture the Firebird.  This has been our introduction to fronted adverbials and we’ve taken the opportunity to refresh our knowledge of several other phrase and word types. We’ve just finished off with some persuasive writing trying to convince Grey Wolf whether he should continue to help Ivan, who has repeatedly ignored his advice throughout the story! Finally we’ve looked at instructions for our final Big Write of 2019 as we wrote about how to put on a Nativity play. This term in maths we have had a focus on multiplication and learning our times tables, though we have also finished off by looking at perimeter and measurement. We have also enjoyed looking at different European cities and the features of their areas. It has been very interesting discussing the effects that humans have on the landscape around them in this context. Particular highlights of this term have been our trips to see a show all about sound and the whole school trip to the Hippodrome for the pantomime – described as ‘The Best Thing Ever!’