We have had a great first term in Reception class. The children have all got to know their new school and friends very well. 

This first term we have been focusing on developing the children’s awareness of sounds. They have been learning about rhyme and alliteration through songs and stories. Each child also thought of an animal that starts with the same sound as their name. In addition to this they have also explored the initial sounds in words and the oral blending and segmenting of words. This has prepared the children well to begin to learn ‘Read, Write, Inc’ set 1 sounds next term. 

The children have been developing their gross and fine motor skills through ‘Write Dance’. In ‘Write Dance’ sessions children start by learning a song and actions to go with it. They are then shown examples of mark-making that they can do while listening to the song. They then listen to the song and carry out their mark-making. 

In Mathematics the children have been recognising, ordering and counting numbers 0-10. They have also been matching numeral and quantity to 10. Some children have begun to go beyond 10 with these skills. In addition to this they have been introduced to Numicon and have developed some of the above skills through using it. The use of their fingers to represent numbers has also been a skill that they have developed this term. 

We went on our first trip to St. Stephen’s Church for our harvest festival in the final week. We were very pleased with how well the children coped with being outside of our school environment. 

Check back soon to see what else we have been up to. 
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