This term we have been learning ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story. The children enjoyed acting out the story using large props and masks. After they learnt the story they decided to change the pigs to chipmunks. They also thought of new strong and weak materials for the chipmunks to make their houses out of. 

In Mathematics the children have been securing their knowledge of shape and measurement. They have also been deepening their knowledge and understanding of addition and subtraction. Over the past few weeks the children have begun to explore place value.

At the start of term we had a wonderful art week. The children started the week by putting powder paint into the puddles on the playground. They had great fun mixing all of the colours together. Throughout the rest of the week the children’s art was based around the story ‘The Heart and the Bottle’. They created pieces of art to represent things that are amazing in their world. They also created felt heart cushions, which allowed them to show off their brilliant sowing skills. The heart cushions were tied to empty plastic bottles and they then wrote wonder questions on luggage tags to attach. They were very proud of their artwork. 

We ended the term with a fantastic trip to Weston-Super-Mare beach. Reception and Year 2 walked down to Bristol bus station and caught the bus all the way to Weston beach. We all had a lovely day playing at the beach and enjoyed an ice cream before returning to school. 


The children were very excited to watch a video that showed how the Gingerbread Man had escaped in our classroom! When innovating the story they decided that they wanted to change the setting  to our school and the characters to children from each class. They thought the perfect character to have instead of the fox would be our headteacher, Stuart.

The children have been super stars in Mathematics this term! They have mastered addition and subtraction with single-digit numbers, as well as learning knew concepts such as, doubling, halving and sharing.
We had a very exciting Science week at the start of term. The children particularly enjoyed going to Bristol University to watch how ice cream is made and even got to try it. During this week they explored floating and sinking, as well as learning about material properties. They also went on a trip to Royal Fort Gardens to hunt for living things. We had two very lively assemblies with scientists who showed us some amazing  experiments.

We have been very busy practising the summer dance over the past couple of weeks. The children were very excited to show their friends and families their brilliant rainbow dance. We are very proud of the amazing dancing they did.