We have had a wonderful final term in Reception class. In Literacy we have been learning the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children had great fun acting this story out. They also innovated the story with brand new characters. In addition to this the children invented their own houses for the three pigs using different materials, testing how well they would stand up when being blown. During our Art week we created stormy sea backgrounds for The Tempest Year 6 play.
In Mathematics the children have been exploring measurement. They compared their heights, ordered cups of juice by capacity and weighed different objects around the classroom. During this term they revised and developed their knowledge on money and shapes. The children also spent some time learning about time, drawing hands on a clock face. 
We were very lucky to go on another trip to the Library at the start of this term. The children were so grownup when walking to the Library and are really learning what happens and how to behave in a library.
We have had a fantastic year with Reception class. We wish them all good luck with their new adventure in Year 1 class. 
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