This term the children have been learning about all things Under the Sea, and have focused on the story ‘Sharing a Shell’. They really enjoyed creating their own characters to use in the story. The children used their fantastic knowledge of sea creatures to think of characters like a Lion Fish and a Firefly Squid!

In Phonics, the children have now learnt all of the Set 2 sounds and their letter formation is really improving! Next term we will move onto Set 3 sounds and we will continue to focus on reading and writing words with 4 phonemes (e.g. s-qu-i-d) and simple sentences.

In Mathematics, the children have practically shown their ability to add and subtract numbers 0-20. They have also learnt about doubling, halving and have started to use language related to money in our role play café.

The children have been very lucky this term, having special visitors and going on trips. We helped to glaze buns to be sold on Bun Day and we went on a Forest School trip, two walking trips to the Library and a trip to the Theatre on the last day of school! They really enjoyed these exciting experiences and we would like to say ‘well done!’ to the children for showing how grown up they can be when outside the school!


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