This term the children have been learning ‘The Gingerbread Man’. They had great fun creating wanted posters to catch the fox. After learning the story they innovated it to ‘The Gingerbread Baby’ and changed the fox to a vampire. During our invention stage the children had a go at creating their own stories. We were very impressed with how creative the children were with these stories.

In Phonics they have been learning set 2 sounds. They have also been reading and writing words with 4 phonemes (e.g. frog) and simple sentences. In addition to this they have learnt further red words (words that cannot be sounded out). The children will continue to learn set 2 sounds next term.

In Mathematics they have been adding and subtracting with single digit numbers. Alongside this they have been working on their recognition of numbers 11-20.

We were lucky enough to go on a forest school trip at the end of this term. The children had a brilliant time exploring the forest.

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