We have had a brilliant start to our Reception year. The children have built excellent relationships with the adults working in the class and are familiar with the resources and areas of the classroom. The children have showed an interest in vehicles so we created a garage in the outside classroom and a construction tuff spot activity. The children have loved fixing the cars and have used a socket wrench, screwdriver and hammer. The children also enjoyed washing the bikes with sponges and water jets.


We are working on strengthening the children’s hands and fingers so we are ready for writing. We have set up lots of fine motor skills activities such as playdough, threading and using the tweezers.


In phonics we have been learning about rhyme and alliteration. We are all ready to start learning the sounds of the alphabet. Look out for a date to come into school and learn about how we teach phonics.


This term in maths we have been learning about numbers to 5. We have been counting out up to 5 objects, recognising the numerals up to 5 and placing the numerals on a number line. The children have been introduced to numicon which really supports their development in mathematical understanding.