This term in Reception class we have learnt the story The Gingerbread Man. The children were asked by a local policeman to make a wanted poster to catch the mischievous fox, which we put up all around the school. The children then innovated the story to The Runaway Cupcake but this time with a mischievous Lion. After this the children need very little encouragement to invent their own stories such as The Runaway Princess and The Evil Doll.

For their phonics they are now very confident with their set 2 sounds and are now able to read and write sentences much more independently.

For Mathematics we have been looking at halving and doubling numbers, the children learnt to tell the time and we also looked at money where the children enjoyed making the role play area into a shop.

We were also very lucky to visit Pizza Express where the children became chefs for the day and made their very own pizzas. They were delicious!