This term Reception class have learnt the story, Jack and the Beanstalk. They innovated the story to Rosie and the Dragon. After going through the stages of imitation and innovation, they went on to invent their own stories. They have become very good at creating their own stories. In Phonics the children have been learning set 2 sounds. They can recognise all of them and have begun to read and write words with the sounds in them. In addition to this they have been reading and writing sentences with set 2 sounds. In Mathematics they have been using objects, pictures and their fingers to add and subtract two single-digit numbers. They have also been learning about length, height, weight and capacity through practical activities. Through our growing topic the children have planted and grown their own beanstalks. We also now have our own tank of tadpoles in our classroom. The children have loved watching the tadpoles grow. As part of our topic we visited The Royal Fort Gardens to look for signs of spring.