On 27 September, a selection of Key Stage 2 children, who had applied for the position in writing, began their Play Buddy training.  The day consisted of various activities to promote inclusion and enjoyment as well as allowing children the opportunity to build self-confidence, develop relationships and play an active and meaningful role in our community.

After a few warm up games, the children shared some of their earliest memories of play.

In circle time, we shared our experiences of play.  We talked about what we used to play and the types of games we enjoy playing today.


Next, the children were split into groups and asked to organise statements into different categories, discussing whether they were fair, unfair, safe and unsafe.

LO: We are learning how to be inclusive. We are learning to keep children safe.




The group discussed what they thought the job of a Play Buddy would involve.  This was their thought process:

Helping others through games

Including everyone

Uniting others through games

Teaching fun and safe games

Listening to others

Leading through kindness


Talk – reassurance


Having empathy

Begin kind

Half way through the discussion a Year 6 child came up with the slogan:

“Invite and Unite”

After enjoying lunch together as a group, we became playground detectives.  We observed and learned to notice things going on in the playground.


As a play buddy it is important to be aware of how we speak to others.  After considering what a good listener is, in groups we worked together to reword badly phrased comments.



Then the children taught each other playground games that they could use in their role.




Play Buddies in Action!

Our Play Buddies are proving to be an extremely enthusiastic and committed group of children who have on been on the job for one week.