We received a wonderful email recently which we would like to share with you.

My name is Angela Johnson and I used to be a pupil at your school although then my name was Angela Dunford. I started school in September 1950 and stayed until I passed my 11+ in 1961. One of my teachers was a Mrs Stephens and another was called Mrs Vickerstaff. The headmistress at the time was Mrs Heath.

I had two best friends, Barbara Bibbey and Angela Morel.

We used to have milk at recess which was delivered to the school and I do remember getting orange juice too.

I lived quite a long way away from the school, the other side of the Bristol Markets and mum would walk me to school everyday until I was old enough to go on my own. The teachers would let me and a friend go and buy their lunch at the old fish and chip shop at the bottom of the Christmas Steps and we would often poke a hole in the bag and sneak out one or two chips! I realise now the teachers must have known but they never said anything and we felt we had got away with it.

The boys used to have their playtime in the lower quadrangle and the girls in the top one. We used to do PE in our vests and knickers!!!!

The church was open in those days and we used to go across for all religious occasions, such as Easter and Christmas and we always performed a nativity play in the church at Christmas. One year I was lucky enough to be a shepherd. My favourite time was Harvest Festival when the church used to be decorated with flowers and we all used to bring donations of fruits and vegetables to be distributed amongst the poor and we used to sing “We plough the fields and scatter…”

Old photo 1

I am in the second row from the front, 3rd from the right!

And below in the Nativity play, back left!!!

Old photo 2


Of course, I now have 3 married children and 5 grandchildren and I live in Australia these days.

Please excuse my writing out of the blue but I always have fond memories of the school and thought my letter may be of some interest.


Angela Johnson