This term we have learnt all about seasonal changes. We have learnt about the different seasons and the changes that happen with each season. We also thought about weather around the world and how it differs depending on where you live. We have also learnt about animals and how some animals are nocturnal, we even made our own non fiction book. We have learnt about how different animals cope with winter by either hibernating, migrating or changing.

Our talk for writing book was Owl Babies and we innovated it to write a story about 3 baby hedgehogs. The baby hedgehogs go exploring in the snow and come across a fox. Come and read our stories if you want to find out how the baby hedgehogs escape.

In maths we have thought about addition and subtraction and how drawing pictures can help us to solve the calculations.

Next term we are looking forward to learning about coding and how it is used to control so many things