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What a super start to 2019 we have had in Chestnut Class!  In literacy, we started off with a non-fiction text all about owls, which we then innovated (using our super knowledge about hedgehogs) into a non-chronological report about our spikey friends.  The following week was our first foray into the world of ‘invention’ in Talk for Writing: using a text called ‘Tell Me A Dragon’ by Jackie Morris, the children invented their own dragons and created some amazing non-chronological reports about their own dragon using the style of the texts we’d previously learnt.  They even painted their dragons and they look simply stunning!

We have also been learning lots in our foundation subjects this term.  In science, we conducted an experiment to find out which material is the most absorbent (so we can help our parents clean up messes in the kitchen!); in Geography Week, we have learnt about different parts of the UK and the world, including all its oceans and continents.  We have even begun to develop our map skills by learning about the geography of our local area.

We have also been on a trip to the Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue in Easton.  We had a fantastic time there learning all about Judaism.  The class were so respectful and well behaved, they were a credit to our school and their families!