Chestnut Class have had a very busy term 2!  At the beginning of the term it was Anti-Bullying Week and we used Oliver Jeffers’ book ‘The Heart and the Bottle’ in our English lessons to think about loneliness and heartache; the children are such deep thinkers and wrote beautiful responses to the main character’s sadness in the story, pledging to look out for any peers who might seem sad or lonely too.  Each afternoon that week we created our very own hearts using our newly-acquired sewing skills.  First, we started off practising a running stitch on some binka, then designed our very own hearts, which were full of our own curiosities (like the girl in the book).  By the end of the week we had created our very own beautiful hanging hearts.
Later on in the were also lucky enough to have a visit from Ralph from Gloucestershire Cricket who did a very fun cricket session with us!
The main event this term was our nativity, Babushka.  We practised our lines, songs and acting so well that we blew our families away and our friends at St George Primary also came to watch and were very impressed!  We worked so hard on it and the children truly were fantastic – such beautiful singing voices and clear lines spoken!
At the very end of term, we went down to the library to sing some Christmas songs with The Big Friendly Choir and we treated our audience to some a capella versions of our nativity songs, including a wonderful solo from Chanez.
abdirahim cricket bonnie tianna singing chanez cricket chanez singing maha sewing samad sewing t2