Letter 1

Letter for Parents 17.10.19 Final (002)

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Harvest Poster

190723 Foodbank Harvest Poster – A4

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Term 1: No 2


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Term 6: No 2


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Willow Class (Y4) Curriculum Map T6

Y4 Willow Class curriculum map term 6

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Chestnut Class (Year 2) Term 5

Robbie the lamb thumbnail_IMG_2997 thumbnail_IMG_3032 thumbnail_IMG_3051thumbnail_IMG_3043
Term 5 has been short but incredibly jam-packed!  We began to a trip to Chew Valley Animal Park, where the children were able to learn more about animals, their habitats and life-cycles.  They had a wonderful day and particularly enjoyed playing with the baby goats (kids) and spending time in Cuddle Corner with the rabbits, chicks, mice, rats and a tortoise!  Some lucky members of Chestnut Class even got a little kiss from a lamb named Robbie…aww!
During May, we also had our “Special Workbooks” (a.k.a SATs).  Every single member of the class worked so hard and actually really enjoyed the papers!  They were proud to be able to use everything they had learnt this year to complete the papers to the very best of their ability.  Lauren is very impressed indeed!
Not only did we have the aforementioned to do, but we also had to learn our Year 2 summer dance: Jumping Joan’s Jig.  The class quickly got to grips with the moves and learnt it all so quickly and performed brilliantly during our annual Summer Dance!  To add even more fun into the mix, the final week of term was Romans Week.  We learnt about who the Romans were; how long ago they lived; how they came to Britain and what they have done for us.  Bringing stinging nettles over here isn’t something Chestnut Class were very impressed about, but they were all very grateful for the introduction of rabbits and toilets!

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Willow Class (Year 4) Term 5


This term we have had plenty to do in Willow class! We’ve been focusing on finishing off decimals and then moving on to time and statistics in maths. We’ve drawn bar charts and will be learning how to do line graphs after the break. In Literacy we have been reading Moon Man and thinking about coming to earth for the first time and also how we would feel if a strange being crash landed near the school. We have had a number of exciting trips including Forest School at Clifton College where every member of the class pushed themselves to complete the cross country course without stopping. We also went to Royal Fort Gardens to do a number of activities as part of the UoB Bioblitz morning. Of course I am also so proud of the Cumberland Square dance performed at the May dancing as well as those who performed so brilliantly in the Mummer’s play!

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Maple Class (Y3) Term 5

 Year 3 in the parry garden completing their Nature artworkNature artwork of creature designed by children of Year 3Nature artwork of creature designed by children of Year 3 part BMaple and Willow class sharing Maths games in Roman History WeekBristol Zoo trip with a giant thorny stick insect.

Maple Class have had an excellent term of learning. Our experiences have been spectacular. We have had trips to the library and Bristol Zoo which were very educational and exhilerating!

The children have written persuasive speeches during ‘Roman Week’ as Queen Boudicca. We have some leaders emerging in our class with such motivating speeches!

We also created their own dice game to play against Willow Class. This was a great experience to understand rules and explainging their ideas in detail. Our science topic has come to an end with the children demonstrating a brilliant understanding of the skeletal system, as well as the functions of plants.

We look forward to term 6, well done Year 3 you have done yourselves proud!

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