Forest Class – Term 4

Forest Class have had such a fantastic Spring term and managed to fit in so much!

Each Friday we have started cookery lessons with Dipika where the children have been following recipes to make delicious but healthy food which tied in with this term’s PSHE topic.

In maths, Oak Learners (YR) have been learning about 1 more and 1 less and looking at ordering numbers to 20.  Hazel Learners (Y1) children have been learning about place value and beginning to explore multiplication and division through making equal groups of objects.

This term we had ‘Maths and Art Week’  where we looked at the artist Kandinsky. We used our mathematical knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes, symmetry and repeated patterns to help us develop our artistic skills. We created our own Kandinsky inspired paintings and a class frieze which we shared with the whole school in assembly.

In literacy, we learnt the story of ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ and even changed the story using our own imaginative ideas.

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Maple Class – Y3 curriculum map term 4

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YEAR 5 TERM 2 2018/19

Term 2 has flown by; we launched a challenging Geography topic comparing Bristol to the American city of New Orleans, learning about the city through the lens of the stunning graphic novel “Drowned City -New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina” by Don Brown. We developed this topic last year, and it has since been adopted by other schools in the area. Not only have we learnt about the geographical features of another city, but also about its social landscape and the dilemmas and choices which present themselves in a crisis. We have learnt to cook New Orleans praline, familiarised ourselves with the roots of jazz, and explored the art of Willie Birch.

We enjoyed a trip to the cinema as part of the IntoFilm Festival, a morning of planting birch, willow and holly trees for the National Trust in beautiful woodland at the Mojo Active site in Almondsbury, as well as a carol singing excursion into Cabot Circus, raising £123 for Ronald McDonald House charity. It has been a busy seven weeks!


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Forest Class – Hazel Learners Curriculum Map Term 2 2018-2019

Forest Class – Hazel Learners curriculum overview

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After School Club – Booking Form T2

Termly booking form – T2 2018

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Term 1 No 3



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Year 3 – 2016/2017 – Term 4

Year 3 have had an enjoyable term exploring the text, ‘Iron Man’, responding through drama, art and diary writing. At the end of the project the children designed and created their own model iron men from plastic tubs and cardboard boxes. After much exploration, the children now have a much better understanding of fractions. A real highlight was the performance by many of our class of the Easter story through mime and song at the Easter Celebration in St Stephens church. Their acting was fantastic and made their teachers extremely proud.


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