Birch Class (Y6) Curriculum Map T6

Birch Class Y6 curriculum map term 6 2018-19

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Birch Class (Y6) Term 5


This week Year 6 threw themselves into their final Summer Dance, and delighted us on Thursday with their Sword and Maypole dances. As part of Roman week the children have been producing an extended piece of writing detailing a personal account of a gladiators escape from the fighting arena. Our Roman week will conclude with our Roman Artefact workshop today at the MShed.

As we are sure you will have heard by now, the children now know their parts for our ‘Macbeth’ production. They are being given their scripts to take home over half-term. Whilst the priority this holiday is for all the children to relax and enjoy the absence of revision, it would be great if they could also start to learn there lines. We will be starting rehearsals in earnest next term. have a fabulous break and thank you for all your continued support.

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Birch Class (Y6) Curriculum Map T5

T5 Birch Class curriculum map 2018-19

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Birch class – Year 6 Term 4 2019

What a busy term this has been. We said goodbye to Laura and hello to Jess and hats off to Year 6 for adapting to the change so well. We have been really lucky to have had Jack teaching Birch class some excellent exercise routines in the form of circuit training – they are all activities which we can do at home or in the park to help keep ourselves fit and healthy. In PSHE we have been learning some basic first aid skills. You will see from the photos that the children practised how to check for a pulse and for breathing and put someone into a recovery position – we may well have some future paramedics amongst us. Maths and Art week saw the children combine their skills of precision and creativity to create the most fabulous ‘Curves of Pursuit’ and Cardioids. These turned out to be thoroughly ‘mindful’ activities. One of the literary highlights of the term has been listening to the children develop and deliver some heated debates on whether people should eat less meat and whether homework should be banned – we might even have some future politicians amongst us…

 DSC_0990 DSC_0992 DSC_0994 DSC_0996_20190403_151304

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Y6 Birch Class – Curriculum Map T4

Y6 Birch Class curriculum map term 4 2018-19

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Birch Class – Year 6 Term 3 2019

This term we have been learning how to play hockey in PE, practising working together and improving our accuracy and control skills. In maths we have exhausted fractions, decimals and percentages, focussing on reasoning and problem solving and the children have been enjoying extending their learning at home using the revision books!

In English we have been writing explanations with a science focus, looking at the theory of evolution and talking about the work of the influential naturalist, Charles Darwin.  In Art, we designed the most beautiful clay pots – please take a minute to have a look outside the year 6 classroom – they are stunning!

Digital Camera

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Birch Class (Y6) Curriculum Map T3

Birch Class – Y6 curriculum map term 3

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YEAR 6 TERM 2 2018/19

Year 6 had an amazing start to the term at Culmington Manor, where most of the class spent the week abseiling, orienteering and completing obstacle courses.

It was then back to work as usual. In English lessons we have read the book, ‘Wonder’ about a boy with Treacher Collins Syndrome starting a new school. We have written diary entries, character profiles, newspaper reports and poems.

In maths we have spent the whole term learning about fractions. We can now add, subtract, multiply, divide and simplify fractions.

Our topic has centered around the capital city of Santiago in Chile. We have completed our own projects about the city and learnt all about volcanoes.

DSCN1152 DSCN1156 DSCN1167 Tyresse

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