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T5 Cedar & Birch Natural Homes Building -The Properties of Materials Power Point

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T4 curriculum map

Y6 Birch Class T4 March 2020

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Birch Class Year 6 Term 3

Term 3 has flown by in Birch Class, as we have been immersing ourselves in reading and writing suspense stories. Some of our writers have been so enthused that they have been writing their entries for the 500 word challenge – what a fantastic way to spend a half term, well done year 6!

In mathematics, we have been using ELLI skills to think about ourselves as learners whilst tackling reasoning problems and some juicy algebra! We have been practising being resilient, we have worked together to connect previous and new learning and we have celebrated making mistakes so that we could learn from it. We are so pleased to see the children becoming more reflective and responsible learners.

Birch Class have been setting their devices aside to bury themselves in a few good books this term, in order to complete our reading challenge. They have been set the task of reading Ms Watkins height in books and so far we are up to the waist! Keep up the good reading Year 6s.

Finally, the trip to the Mosque was also a highlight this term where the children asked lots of insightful questions and wrote detailed reports after some further research.

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T3 Curriculum Map

Y6 Birch Class T3 Jan 2020

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Birch Class Year 6 Term 2 2019

Term 2 in year 6 has been an exciting one! We started the term with Art and Anti – bullying week looking at the book The Island by Armin Greder. We explored the themes of isolation, compassion, fear, freedom, power and difference. We thought about the key question:  What can the consequences of anger, fear and hostility towards others feel and look like?

Year 6 also visited the Lifeskills Centre to learn about how to keep safe in the real world and took part in Antarctica Week 2019, where we spoke to Nadescha Zwerschke, who is a Marine Biologist at BAS. We were lucky enough to have 30-minute question and answer session with our ‘polar expert’ about their job at the British Antarctic Survey. The children were thoughtful and asked relevant and meaningful questions about why Antarctic research matters.

Some of the questions we asked were…

How does the weather affect your health?

What did you feel like the first time you went to the Antarctic?

Why do you focus on the Antarctic?

What inspired you to become a marine biologist?

IMG_3042 IMG_3043 IMG_3044 IMG_3045 IMG_3046

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T2 Curriculum Map

Y6 Birch Class T2 Nov 2019

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 curriculum map term 1 2019 Year 6

Y6 T1 letter September 2019 

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Birch Class (Year 6) Term 6

DSC_5132 DSC_5143 DSC_5148 DSC_5154 DSC_5162 DSC_5168 DSC_5182

Wow what a term, we are so proud of the children’s achievements! Year 6 have worked incredibly hard on their Shakespeare performance of Macbeth and if there was ever a point in the school year where they wholeheartedly showed the school values of: respect, responsibility, trust and unity, this was it! They encouraged and supported each other when learning lines, making sense of what they wanted to portray to the audience and reminding each other daily about how proud they were of each other. The performance at the Wickham theatre over two night was outstanding and their powerful singing will be remembered for years to come. We wish the children all the best for their bright futures ahead. They will be missed!

Below are some quotes from the children:

Even though I felt worried about being on stage, I have learnt that it doesn’t matter if you are performing to a huge crowd, do it from your heart. (Ramazan)
On stage it was electric! The shyest people were beaming with confidence. In school everyone can be stiff but on stage everyone was free – acting is thrilling!  (Sakariye)
I had fun letting myself go with it. If you trust in yourself you will always do your best. (Lala)
I learnt that when you express yourself and really put yourself out there, you enjoy it more! (Kaylee)
I learnt that I have a clear voice and that acting in front of people isn’t as scary as I thought. I realised that you need to be dramatic – it is acting after all! (Olive)

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