Year 5 – 2016/2017 – Term 5

In Term 5, we had the pleasure of spending some lovely time in nature, enjoying the spring weather!

We spent an afternoon in the woods enjoying a reflective forest school workshop, exploring our environment and connecting with stillness, meditation and playfulness.

In English, we immersed ourselves in the mythology of Boggarts, fictional woodland creatures, making clay models, writing fact files and finally secretively ‘planting’ them out in the school grounds to stand guard.

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Year 5 – 2016/2017 – Term 4

 We enjoyed an afternoon workshop in robotics with students from Bristol University’s Engineering department. We were able to use and develop our coding skills to program the robots, making them perform simple dance routines. We were also able to ask the students about aspects of their studies, and the use of robots in everyday life. Inspiring!

To finish off our topic on Forces and Electricity, we spent a week making battery-powered motorised merry-go-rounds. We built them from scratch, having learnt about forces and movement, and it was great to be able to put our understanding of electricity to practical use.             

We spent a gloriously morning at Brandon Hill, enjoying the old school tradition of Pace Egging down the grassy slopes in the sunshine. The rules were as stringent as ever, and we enjoyed a good dose of healthy competition, as well as lots of fun!



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Year 5 – 2016/2017 – Term 3

WOW, what a busy time we have had in term 3!  

This term we have learnt all about John Wesley and had the opportunity to visit the first Methodist church, the New Rooms in Broadmead.

We have also been learning about Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem the Lady of Shallot, which we have very much enjoyed.  

Art and Music was extremely exciting, we created wonderful weaving’s of different landscapes – just as the Lady of Shallot would have, in her tower.

A group of us were lucky enough this term to visit the Royal College of Music and Drama in Cardiff and had the opportunity to listen to the students in a Symphony Orchestra at St Davids Hall.



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Year 5 – 2016/2017 – Term 2

In Year 5, Term 2 was a hotbed of creativity and developing our can-do, problem-solving mindsets. We embarked on our second term of learning to play the recorders, and were able to put what we had learnt in Term 1 to good use, as we played new, catchy tunes, and even had a try at improvising, using our new music theory skills. We finished off by playing a little concert to our friends in Year 4 to prepare them for their recorder lessons which will start in Term 3.

We also enjoyed the second stage of our big project on portraiture, this time painting self-portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo, the iconic Mexican artist. We explored expressing our passions, feelings and heritage through painting, and became a little wiser and kinder in the process.

A group of us were able to attend a big chess tournament in London, where we played some of the most promising junior chess talents from across the country. It was a great day out.  

 Artwork by Amml, Louis, Frankie, Sumaya and Lawrence


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Year 5 – 2016/2017 – Term 1

Term 1 has seen us delve into the ancient cultures of Greece and the Roman Empire. We started the topic building models of famous Roman and Greek buildings and, after learning a lot about the lifestyles of Greek and Roman families, Greek democracy, hierarchy in Greek and Roman societies, mythology and Mediterranean geography, we actually travelled to visit an ancient Roman settlement at Caerleon in Wales. We enjoyed a day in sun, learning about the remarkable site and about the lives of the many people who lived and worked there, nearly 2000 years ago.


We had the pleasure of spending a day at Bristol Cathedral as part of the international Big Draw Festival. We explored geometry and shape, and enjoyed being creative in this fantastic historic building.



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Year 5: Term 6

On the 12th July, Year 5 were invited (at the last minute!) to attend the Teen Tech City of Tomorrow Showcase day. During the year, children from the across the city were invited to design and build domestic and public buildings of the future. According to Teen Tech,

‘Construction and engineering industries are woefully misunderstood and the project aims to shift perceptions of the contemporary construction industry.’

We didn’t have the opportunity, this year, to participate during class time but two of fantastic children (Blaze and Miles) made buildings at home to take to the Showcase. The children had an excellent day working with different companies to complete a range of activities from computer programming, app designing and building as well as 3D printing!

The children were awarded individual certificates for their ideas and participation throughout the day. Blaze and Miles also celebrated success, winning certificates for their excellent building designs, well done!


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Year 5: Term 5

This term has been dominated by learning in science. We have investigated a range of forces; gravitational, centrifugal, centripetal and friction and realised that in order to understand how forces work, one really has to experience them first hand. With this in mind we have explored ways in which these forces are at work in the world around us, and learnt about their uses. We also enjoyed the many opportunities to work directly with scientists of different disciplines that Science Week presented. One of the highlights was our nature study in Royal Fort Gardens, where we studied the habitats of insects. And it is always fantastic when the learning we do in school sparks new interests and inspires children to take their learning further in their free time, sharing their enthusiasm and newfound expertise with their families; following our experiments with plaster of Paris modelling, several pupils have taken this to another level and created plaster models at home. This charming giraffe is such an example.

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Year 5: Term 4

This term has been an exciting mix of things: fractions in maths, keeping healthy in PSHE and studying The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson in English. This week the children are imitating the narrative poem by retelling the story and changing only one aspect of the narrative. The following week, year 5 will be creating their own legend. Watch this space…

Our topic has turned us into 3D designers where we have been using the programme Sketchup to turn our 2D designs into 3D designs. We are building our own houses and creating our dream bedrooms next week.

Here are some comments from the children,

‘ Sketchup is fun because we are learning as we build!’ Daniel

‘I like being able to use my imagination.’ Alaya

‘I like being able to choose my own design.’ Rose.

I hope to add some more designs to the website as children finish them. Have a look at some of our examples!

max and Danny's house  Lola house Benjamin and Kushal's house mayas window

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