YEAR 5 TERM 6 2017/8

This last term in Year 5 has been very exciting! We have learnt about Bristol as a river city and the importance of Bristol docks and the floating harbour. We enjoyed a historical walk learning about Jacobs wells and even published a map of what the area would have been like in 1273 (the oldest map of Bristol!) it was even part of the Bristol harbour festival.
As part of the topic we took a journey in the bagerra up the Avon, under the Suspension bridge to the mouth of the river.


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YEAR 5 TERM 5 2017/18

This has been such an exciting term!

We have enjoyed spending more time outdoors in the sunshine, practising for our big May Day country dancing event. We have also found lots of time to do art across the curriculum, with weaving and print making taking centre stage, basing our mono-prints on our studies of the life cycles of plants and close-up studies in the school garden.

Our science topic has seen a batch of frogspawn grow and develop into the prettiest little frogs, ready to leave the tank and make a new home in our school pond. We have visited an exhibition on neuroscience at Bristol University and learnt about how the brain and the nervous system work.

We were also invited to travel to Bath for a day at the American Museum (photographs used courtesy of Dan Ovens), where we learnt about the cultures of Native Americans, which will stand us in very good stead in Term 6.


OVD2018028D00176  20180322_144925  OVD2018028D00214

OVD2018028D00289   OVD2018028D00354


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Y5 – Termly letter – Apr 2018

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YEAR 5 TERM 4 2017/18

We have enjoyed a dynamic and pacy term in Year 5. We have immersed ourselves in a coding topic, which has resulted in us all being able to write computer code to direct the actions of figures on screen.

We visited the New Rooms in Broadmead as part of our RE topic on John Wesley, the father of Methodism. It is a very special oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the city and we found it interesting to see where he lived and worked.

We are currently participating in a nationwide research project about meta-cognition, where we are learning a new skill to see how learning happens, and how we can optimise our learning opportunities through a rqnge of useful strategies. Year 5’s special skill is juggling, and we are having lots of fun tracking our progress.

To finish the term off, we visited Clifton College Sports Centre for a sunny morning of cross country running, slack-lining and bouldering; something fun for everyone.

20180321_101842      20180321_103634      20180321_105526

20180322_105316      20180322_105533   IMG_1522



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YEAR 5 TERM 3 2017/18

During Term 3, we learnt about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica aboard the Endurance. We studied his motivation and leadership, and shared his triumphs and fears as he brought his crew back to civilisation from the brink of certain death, at each turn facing challenges and dilemmas one would not wish upon one’s worst enemy.
This topic afforded us ample opportunities for the study of the properties of materials. We really enjoyed testing which material would have kept the explorers best insulated against the Antarctic cold, as well as which trouser-material would have best suited Shackleton’s ‘bare-backed’ 1500 feet slide down an icy mountainside down to the South Georgia whaling station of Stromness.
In Art, we have studied the Antarctic landscape with a particular focus on perspective. We have made collages and canvas studies, which will lead on to woven landscapes in Term 4.
The many hardships of the ill-fated expedition gave rise to lots of heated discussions, and allowed us to study the art of debating in English. We learnt to structure our arguments, anticipate objections and to bring a discussion to an elegant close.
In PE, we have been working on developing fitness and stamina with a unit of work based on short circuit fitness training.
20180119_124603 20180208_103002 20180208_153546 20180208_153630 20180208_153607 20180208_153637 20180208_153705 IMG_1434

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YEAR 5 TERM 2 2017/18

This term we have had the privilege of working with Jake from Bristol Rovers FC who has spent Friday afternoons with us, teaching pacey and fun-filled PE sessions as well as interesting classroom based lessons about the human body and nutrition.


20171201_144533  20171201_141949

We have also enjoyed two visits from the RoboGals team – a Bristol University’s Department for Engineering. They have taught us to create computer code and to programme robots, as well as inspired us to think about the many careers in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).


We have also studied the work of New Orleanean artist Willie Birch as part of our topic based on the city. In response to his thought-provoking pieces we have created our own papier mache figurines, depicting our experiences of life in our own city of Bristol. We hope to send him some photographs and let him know how we have been inspired by his work.

20171201_155814[1]  20171201_160000[1]

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Year 5 Term 1 2017/18

The poet Rachel Rooney joined us for a fast-paced and fun poetry workshop during which we enjoyed listening to some of her poems, as well as getting stuck into writing our own poems under her expert supervision and encouragement.
We have enjoyed learning Peer Massage during our Wellbeing Week. We have practiced how to listen to each other and to deliver a relaxing, yet revitalising massage to our friends. Peer Massage has been used the world over to promote social inclusion, and to reduce stress and incidents of bullying. We have really enjoyed this new skills.
Peer Massage Joodi and Maia Rachel Rooney poetic headstand Peer Massage Tamsin and KayleePeer Massage Sheng and SakariyeRayshawn and Rachel Rooney

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Year 5 – 2016/2017- Term 6

We enjoyed learning about camouflage, animal pigmentation, plant medicine and nature’s architects during a visit to Bristol University’s Life Sciences department. The workshops were really engaging, interactive and informative, and inspired some of us to consider jobs in related fields.

We were invited to sing a hymn at the opening of the New Room’s new Visitors’ Centre, as we went for a visit to the New Room earlier in the year while studying the life of John Wesley, the father of Methodism. We chose to sing Be Thou My Vision, which we all really enjoy singing. The chapel was full, and there were representatives from different parts of the world, including the Duke of Gloucester. After the ceremony was over, many people came to say how much they had enjoyed our singing. And we were very lucky to get to have a peep at the new Visitors’ Centre and enjoy a little chat with His Royal Highness, the Duke of Gloucester. 

Here we are on our annual Avon Gorge Cruise, a day spent on the river, as part of our local history topic. We have spent the term learning about Bristol’s place in history and the river which runs through it, and it is great to experience this connection to our locality first hand. We have practiced some sea shanties to cheer us on our way!


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