Year 4 Term 1 2017/18

Throughout all the lessons this term we have been thinking about growth mindsets. The children have been learning that nobody is born clever and we really can grow our brains and become smarter through persevering with things that we find difficult and challenging. This is such an important idea that we will be thinking about it all year!

The most fun and memorable parts of Term 1 have definitely been chess and swimming. We also had Design and Technology Week where we got out our clipboards and did a bit of market research to help design our marble mazes. We carefully made some cardboard pillars to give our mazes the look of Theseus and Minotaur’s labyrinth. We also did some amazing weaving using orange paper plates. It was nice to see how much pride the children took in their work.

We’ve started a topic in music where we are learning to play music from computer games on xylophones. At the moment we are learning the music from the Lost Woods in the The Legend of Zelda. This will continue next term.

The children have produced some stunning work in French, writing their own illustrated versions of Roald Dahl’s The Enormous Crocodile and writing in two different colours for French and English. We used our ’sentence maker’ resources to help us write some very impressive French sentences.

DSCN4141 DSCN4145 DSCN4146 DSCN4149 DSCN4153 DSCN4156

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Year 4 – 2016/2017 – Term 6

In Term 6 we learnt about light and sound which included experimenting with the movements of shadows and making paper cup telephones. We used our scientific skills to make predictions and record the results of our experiments.

 We also went to Bristol Open Doors Day which meant we got to visit the architecture centre, City Hall, St James’s Priory and go on a history walk. We learnt a lot about Bristol’s famous buildings.



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Year 4 – 2016/2017 – Term 5

This term we have been learning about geometry. We have learnt how to classify shapes and angles. In English, we have looked at a few sea based stories. We have written our own stories and focused on correctly punctuating speech. We have also thought more about editing our work to make it better. This term we also took a lovely trip to the woods. We did a range of activities designed to make us notice and appreciate the nature all around us. The children had a fantastic time.



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Year 4 – 2016/2017 – Term 4

This term we have been thinking about how the body works. We did a body MOT and checked our pulse rate and counted our teeth. We learnt about how our lungs work and how our eyes see. We used our scientific enquiry skills to design an eye test and to make observations of our own teeth. In Maths, we have learnt about decimals and money as well as practising our multiplication skills. In English, we learnt about the Epic of Gilgamesh and read the fantastic Varjak Paw.


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Year 4 – 2016/2017 – Term 3

This term our topic has been about our local area so we have done a lot of work looking at maps and learning some map reading skills. In maths, we have been learning about fractions. We did some great work off the back of the performance of Jack and the Beanstalk that we watched. We thought about perspective and tried to draw from Jack’s point of view. We also did some forced perspective photography.

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Year 4 – 2016/2017 – Term 2

The children have worked hard at multiplication this term using concrete apparatus and pictures to show their understanding of multiplicative reasoning. As a class, we studied ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and the children really enjoyed the exciting descriptive writing in the book. We might have to get the second one in the series. We have also looked at the work of Modigliani. We built up to creating our own Modigliani style self-portraits. The class have continued to learn chess and are now able to use all the pieces as well as thinking about moves like ‘en passant’ and ‘castling’.



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Year 4 – 2016/2017 – Term 1

This term we have been learning about ancient Egypt. We went on a trip to the museum to  handle some actual Egyptian artefacts and had a go at making our own mummies. In maths we have been learning about place value and negative numbers. The children have had the chance to enjoy a range of stories and attempted to write their own spooky story. We are also lucky to have a teacher come and give us weekly chess lessons. maybe we’ll have a future Grand Master.



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Year 4: Term 6

Our final term has been good for art and craft. We had our shadow puppet performances, bird studies, symmetrical faces and towards the end of term we made gatehouses from folded card and some stunning modular origami lotus flowers. I enjoyed reading the children’s stories about a crocodile who follows a lion cub back to its den, only to be thwarted by a large gorilla. In maths we looked at geometry before a big recap on fractions. I was really pleased when, after the children had used card, blocks and their own drawings to represent these fractions, many now say it’s a piece of cake.  We had an interesting history trip to the Red Lodge and in chess, we had our final session with Chris the chess master. As well as being amazing at chess, Year 4 are just a super class and I will really miss them next year.

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