Year 4: Term 5

I am incredibly proud of Year 4’s performance of the Cumberland Square Eight dance and their mummers play. It made a very nice end to an interesting term. We’ve been on two trips: the Aquarium and @Bristol. Science week fitted well within this: a visit from Dr Lane helping us make wind-up cars; learning about pulleys and mechanical advantage; siphons; measuring volume by displacing water; measuring the distance of balloon rockets and a lot of writing to describe all of this. We explored more measures with the timing of footballs going downhill and baking scones. In literacy, we made speech punctuation and spelling patterns out of plasticine and pipe-cleaners to help us remember. We’ve also been performing a script based on Varjak Paw (which we’ve now finished studying) complete with cat masks. We had a few messy science lessons on the human body, making our teeth out of plasticine and the digestive system out of orange juice, plastic bags and pairs of tights. Finally, we’ve started playing ‘secret buddy’ again this term and I’ve seen some really friendly gestures between children and a big improvement on last time. Thanks as always to all you brilliant parents and wonderful children.



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Year 4: Term 4

This term has been a great one for stories. Our ‘Talk 4 Writing’ project on The Leafy Sea Dragon produced some very imaginative writing from the children. We read ‘The Worst Witch’ together and have now made a start on ‘The BFG’. Our project on ‘Varjak Paw’, the story of the cat that must learn to fight, will continue next term. Chris has still been teaching chess. Our class chess tournaments have been pretty competitive and I’ve been pleased to see a lot of the children choosing to play chess in their own time. We’ve come a long way in our understanding of fractions, using the ‘Singapore Bar Method’ again to help us visualise them. Our PE trips saw us doing everything from basketball to cricket; a couple of really exhausting days. I have really enjoyed some of the Friday afternoon activities as well, particularly flick-book animation and origami. Again, it was nice to see so many children choosing to do these kinds of activities in their own spare time. Finally, I’d like to thank all the parents for always being so friendly and supportive. I’m looking forward to next term.


Year 4 Term 4

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Year 4: Term 3

This term our ‘Talk 4 Writing’ project saw our class swarming with origami rats as we wrote our own versions of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Origami has also been a favourite every Friday afternoon during ‘together time’. In Topic we looked at how plants coped without sunlight and set up some water plants in a tank in class to see if they had any roots.  We all enjoyed our trip to the Sikh Gurdwara which gave us plenty to write about in our ‘Big Write’. We have enjoyed learning a few new songs for our class assemblies such as ‘I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free’ and (my favourite) a 7 times tables song. It has been a really nice start for me as the new class teacher, getting to know this wonderful Year 4 class.

Year 4 2

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Year 4: Term 2

We continued on with our Ancient Egyptian topic but with more of a focus on the Ancient Sumer civilization.  The highlight of this was when we had a visit from the amazing, ‘Travelling Kitchen.’ The children worked in groups of 6 preparing food and cooking a whole feast of delights for our Ancient Egyptian banquet.  In P.E. we enjoyed creating some very skilful partner balances and performing them to the class. In R.E. we continued with our key question, ‘What can we learn from the teachings and life of Jesus?’ It was a real treat to conclude this project with a trip to Bristol Cathedral for their, ‘Christmas Trail.’ The children wrote some fantastic stories based on the, ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ and learnt all about Subtraction!


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Year 4: Temples, tombs & treasures – October 2015

Y4IMG_7877We have made a very busy start to life in Year 4! Our learning has revolved around our new topic of ‘Temples, tombs and treasures’ – during our English talk for writing sessions and during guided reading we have been exploring the Egyptian stories of ‘Staying out’ and ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’. In our Maths learning we have been investigating ordering 4-digit numbers, the 6 times table and rounding. During PE we have been furthering our ball skills and in ICT we have created repeating patterns.

We have enjoyed painting our names in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics during our Art sessions and discussing our feelings during our new Jigsaw PSHE lessons. We thoroughly enjoyed two trips to the museum on successive Wednesday afternoons, where we participated in a workshop exploring Ancient Egyptian artefacts and then explored the Egypt section – making sketches and notes as research. A great beginning to Year 4 at St Michael’s!


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