T5 Willow Class, Topic Map

T5 Willow Class Egypt topic web (002)

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T4 curriculum map

Year 4 curriculum map term 4 (1)

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Willow Class Year 4 Term 3

Willow Class have had a fantastic term working really hard on multiplication, including our times tables and written methods, whilst also building our reasoning and problem solving skills.

In English, we have been working hard on dialogue and speech marks, whilst continuing to include description and adverbial phrases. This has focused on The Edge of the World and we have some fantastic stories made up by the class based on this.
In science, we have been learning all about states of matter including a focus on the fixed points of water and all the transitions between solids, liquids and gases and what that means for the molecules. Finally, in RE,we have been learning all about Sikhism. From Guru Nanak to the 5 Ks we have been thinking about what it means to persevere with following a religion through the tenets and beliefs of Sikhism. We even had a trip to a gurdwara to see for ourselves and hear directly from a baptized Sikh.

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T3 Curriculum Map

Y4 Willow Class T3 Jan 20

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Willow Class Year 4 Term 2 2019

This term we have been looking at The Firebird in depth, a Russian story about Prince Ivan and his quest to find and capture the Firebird.  This has been our introduction to fronted adverbials and we’ve taken the opportunity to refresh our knowledge of several other phrase and word types. We’ve just finished off with some persuasive writing trying to convince Grey Wolf whether he should continue to help Ivan, who has repeatedly ignored his advice throughout the story! Finally we’ve looked at instructions for our final Big Write of 2019 as we wrote about how to put on a Nativity play. This term in maths we have had a focus on multiplication and learning our times tables, though we have also finished off by looking at perimeter and measurement. We have also enjoyed looking at different European cities and the features of their areas. It has been very interesting discussing the effects that humans have on the landscape around them in this context. Particular highlights of this term have been our trips to see a show all about sound and the whole school trip to the Hippodrome for the pantomime – described as ‘The Best Thing Ever!’

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Curriculum Map

Y4 Willow Class T2 Nov 2019

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curriculum map term 1 year 4

Term 1 letter Willow Class

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Willow Class (Year 4) Term 6

It has been a fantastic term in Willow Class! We started the term with a focus on sports and had a day at Bath University Sports Village trying out some new activities. We started with volleyball and moved on to long jump, judo and even trampoline. The instructors were all great and the children really enjoyed trying out some new things. We’ve also had teams from year 4 go to the Bristol Chess in Schools area final as well as take part in a GCC schools kwik cricket competition. We managed to come 5th at the chess with our team of four really impressing the chess masters organising and although we didn’t manage to progress in the cricket everyone had fun giving it a try. In class we have been focusing on shape and coordinates in maths and have really enjoyed looking at the Story of Tutankhamun for Literacy. Many members of the class also really enjoyed supporting the year 6 production of Macbeth in the choir.

Chess Mayor Chess team DSC02748 DSC02754 DSC02756 DSC02761 DSC02803 DSC02804 DSC02851 DSC02857 KC1

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