Curriculum Map

Y4 Willow Class T2 Nov 2019

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curriculum map term 1 year 4

Term 1 letter Willow Class

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Willow Class (Year 4) Term 6

It has been a fantastic term in Willow Class! We started the term with a focus on sports and had a day at Bath University Sports Village trying out some new activities. We started with volleyball and moved on to long jump, judo and even trampoline. The instructors were all great and the children really enjoyed trying out some new things. We’ve also had teams from year 4 go to the Bristol Chess in Schools area final as well as take part in a GCC schools kwik cricket competition. We managed to come 5th at the chess with our team of four really impressing the chess masters organising and although we didn’t manage to progress in the cricket everyone had fun giving it a try. In class we have been focusing on shape and coordinates in maths and have really enjoyed looking at the Story of Tutankhamun for Literacy. Many members of the class also really enjoyed supporting the year 6 production of Macbeth in the choir.

Chess Mayor Chess team DSC02748 DSC02754 DSC02756 DSC02761 DSC02803 DSC02804 DSC02851 DSC02857 KC1

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Willow Class (Y4) Curriculum Map T6

Y4 Willow Class curriculum map term 6

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Willow Class (Y4) Curriculum Map T5

T5 Willow Class curriculum map

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In Willow class we have been focusing on a wishing tale, ‘The Edge of the World’. The children have learned the story and looked at punctuating speech in their own stories. There were lots of fabulous ideas for people searching for things and meeting many weird and wonderful creatures and people along the way.  In maths we have mainly focused on fractions and decimals but also looked at shapes that tessellate during maths and art week. We made patterns out of several different shapes as well as creating our own irregular shapes that tessellated perfectly; we even made a tessellation out of ourselves! We were inspired by the work of M.C. Escher and have been looking at all the shapes he drew along the way to creating his wonderful, impossible pictures. In RE we have been studying why Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’ and even performed our own drama about the empty tomb at the school Easter service. Congratulations to the whole class for taking part.

DSC02570 DSC02571 DSC02594 DSC02595 DSC02596 DSC02600 DSC02608

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Curriculum Map – Willow Class T4

curriculum map term 4

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Willow Class – Year 4 Term 3 2019

This term in year 4 we have been focusing on The Ice Palace by Robert Swindells, an exciting tale about a boy who travels through a frozen landscape to find his brother. We have recently reached the dramatic conclusion and really enjoyed acting out the ending. Some of the performances were incredible, both those playing the hero and villain! As part of this we have learned about cold weather survival as well as the science of the states of water as solid, liquid and gas.

Our mathematics has focused on multiplication as we continue to consolidate our formal methods as well as some fractions. There has also been some artwork showing the shapes and patterns that can be created with just straight lines.

We are very lucky to have Sue working on so many art projects with the children and they have produced lots of great work from snowy landscapes in chalk to popart portraits in the style of Andy Warhol. Collage has become a class favourite as the children used it again; this time to create urban and rural landscapes as we thought about the changes that humans bring to an area.

Finally, we have continued to have chess lessons from chess master Chris and we look forward to entering the Delancy UK Schools Chess Challenge next term.

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