Year 1 – 2016/2017 – Term 5

In Term 5 we really focused on developing our ICT skills and learnt how to do programming and giving a set of instructions for a bee bop to follow. In English we looked at writing reports about animals and focused on the story of Monkey see Monkey do for Talk for Writing. We also did a week on poetry about our senses and the natural environment. In Maths we looked at all four operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and took lots of our learning outside.



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Year 1 – 2016/2017 – Term 4

This term we have been learning about India. We loved hearing about Anna’s trip to India and all the wonderful things she saw. We thought about our world and how it is made up of seven continents and oceans. We learnt about the similarities and differences between Goa and Bristol and learnt the different animals that live in India and England. We learnt about Mother Teresa and the amazing things she did to help people in India. We thought about what we could do to help people.

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Year 1 – 2016/2017 – Term 3

This term in Year 1 we have learning all about Christianity and special places. We went on a trip to Bristol Cathedral where we had a guided tour and spotted lots of signs and symbols that are important to Christians. We made our own stained glass windows at the cathedral and back at school  and displayed them in our classroom windows.

In Literacy we learnt about the story of Peter and the Wolf and practised putting music to it. As it was Music and Arts week we then went on to compose our own piece of music to go with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk after watching the show of it by the Storybox Theatre.


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Year 1 – 2016/2017 – Term 2

This term Year 1 have been learning the story,”Room on a broom” in English. We transformed our role play area into a potion corner and the children have had fun writing their own potion recipes.
We have also been busying practising our nativity, Babushka and learning our Russian villagers dance.

DSC05571  DSC05560

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Year 1 – 2016/2017 – Term 1

This term our topic has been ‘I’m Alive’. We have been thinking about plants and how they grow from seeds and what they need to survive. As part of our topic we went for a walk to the Royal Fort Gardens where we collected leaves and used them for printing.

We have studied the story Jack and the Beanstalk which led us on to reading the story of Goram and Ghyston the Bristol Giants. We visited the suspension bridge and tried to spot any giants. We have turned our role play area into a giants café and have written messages to the Giants which are in the giants waistcoat.

In maths we have been thinking about place value and numbers to 20 we have also been learning about addition and subtraction. Next term we are looking forward to learning about minibeasts and we are hoping to see some in school.

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Year 1: Term 6

We learnt all about the voyage of the Matthew this term and were lucky enough to take a trip on the boat, with some children even getting to steer it. We compared what we found about the Matthew with last term’s work on the ss Great Britain. We have also taken advantage of the good weather to get outside and do some observational art work.   



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Year 1: Term 5

This term we have been learning to weigh and measure in maths and have been solving problems with our new skills. We also had a wonderful visit form the Travelling Kitchen. They came and helped us cook the sort of Victorian meal that would have been served on the ss Great Britain. The children cooked a range of foods and had great fun trying them.

      DSCN0655      DSCN0657


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Year 1: Term 4

During Term 4 we have been learning about computer programming. We learnt that algorithms are instructions for computers and had a go at programming Beebots. We also thought about debugging our programmes. In Maths we have been learning about fractions.  We have also learnt about the story of Easter and spent some time making Easter gardens.





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