Forest Class (YR & Y1) Curriculum Map T4

Forest Class – T4 curriculum overview – March 2019

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Forest Class (YR & Y1) Curriculum Map T3

Forest Class – T3 curriculum overview – Feb 2019

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Forest Class – Year 1 Term 3 2019


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This term we have learnt all about seasonal changes. We have learnt about the different seasons and the changes that happen with each season. We also thought about weather around the world and how it differs depending on where you live. We have also learnt about animals and how some animals are nocturnal, we even made our own non fiction book. We have learnt about how different animals cope with winter by either hibernating, migrating or changing.

Our talk for writing book was Owl Babies and we innovated it to write a story about 3 baby hedgehogs. The baby hedgehogs go exploring in the snow and come across a fox. Come and read our stories if you want to find out how the baby hedgehogs escape.

In maths we have thought about addition and subtraction and how drawing pictures can help us to solve the calculations.

Next term we are looking forward to learning about coding and how it is used to control so many things

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What a wonderful term we have had in Forest Class. Our topic this term was Bristol. We learnt about our local area and the features of Bristol. We learnt that Bristol is a city in England which is in Europe. We learnt the other countries of the United Kingdom as well. We thought about aerial photographs and looked at maps. We used to iPad to find our addresses on google maps. We also found the school. We drew our own maps of our journeys to school and used google maps to track some people’s journeys. We also wrote letters to our local MP asking for them to make sure our local area remains safe for us to be in. We finished our topic with a walking tour of the centre of Bristol and the river.

In English we learnt the story of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and created our own Where the Dragons are story. We also read ‘The Jolly Postman’ and though a lot about letter writing we have written letters from and to many of the characters from the story.

In Maths we have thought carefully about addition and subtraction. We have thought of different strategies to help us solve calculations. We have used our fingers, bead bars, pictures and number lines.

Our topic next term is Seasonal Changes, we are looking forward to learning about the weather and different animals that live locally to us and ones that live around the world.

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Forest Class – Hazel Learners Curriculum Map Term 2 2018-2019

Forest Class – Hazel Learners curriculum overview

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Forest Class – Hazel Learners Term 1 2018/19

This term our topic has been, ‘Everyday Materials’. We have been thinking about different objects in our environment and the materials they are made from. This topic has linked to our Design theme of “Houses” and also our Talk for Writing story, “The Tin Forest”, which led us to plan, design, make and review a house for the main character in the story. We have also looked at the story, “10 Things I Can Do To Help My World”, and we used our knowledge to create non-fiction writing, information books and posters.
In Maths we have been thinking about place value and numbers. We have also been learning about addition and subtraction, and number bonds within 10. Next term we are looking forward to continuing learning about addition and subtraction.

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Year 1 term 1 curriculum overview


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YEAR 1 TERM 6 2017/18

Our last term as Year 1s!

We have accomplished so much this term. We have been looking at Isambard Kingdom Brunel; his life and accomplishments. We also visited the Clifton Suspension Bridge and we dressed up in our pipe hats that we had made, in recognition of IKB.

Also we visited the S.S Great Britain. Wow what an amazing ship IKB designed. The children were amazed with the size of ship and how different the living quarters were for the different class of passengers.

The children have wowed us with how hard they have been working on their mental maths solving as many addition and subtraction problems within two minutes.

We have achieved a lot this year and have had great fun with our learning. I cannot wait to see them grow even more in Year 2!

A BIG THANK YOU to those parents that have joined us on the trips making it possible for us to go.

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