Forest Class Year 1 Term 2 2019

This term in Forest Class we have been learning about our local area. We have enjoyed exploring the amenities in our local area and looking at the fabulous view from the university. We looked at the book ‘Belonging’ and thought about the view from the window had improved over time. We went on to think about our local area and what we could do to improve it. The children had some fabulous ideas including planting more trees and making it greener. The children went around the school and planted bulbs, which we are looking forward to seeing in the spring. We then went on to think about the people in our local area who help us. The year 1 children created a non fiction book about different occupations to help the EYFS children think about what they might like to do as a job when they grow up. We have loved learning about Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Nativity. The children made christingles and Christmas decorations to take home.

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curriculum overview term 1 Forest Class

Term 1 letter Forest class

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Forest class (Reception and Y1) Term 6

IMG_4999 IMG_5015 IMG_5022 IMG_5057 IMG_5068 - Copy IMG_5294

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Forest Class (Oak & Hazel Learners) Curriculum Map T6

Forest Class curriculum overview term 6

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Forest Class (YR & Y1) Curriculum Map T5

T5 Forest Class curriculum overview pub

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Forest Class – Term 4

Forest Class have had such a fantastic Spring term and managed to fit in so much!

Each Friday we have started cookery lessons with Dipika where the children have been following recipes to make delicious but healthy food which tied in with this term’s PSHE topic.

In maths, Oak Learners (YR) have been learning about 1 more and 1 less and looking at ordering numbers to 20.  Hazel Learners (Y1) children have been learning about place value and beginning to explore multiplication and division through making equal groups of objects.

This term we had ‘Maths and Art Week’  where we looked at the artist Kandinsky. We used our mathematical knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes, symmetry and repeated patterns to help us develop our artistic skills. We created our own Kandinsky inspired paintings and a class frieze which we shared with the whole school in assembly.

In literacy, we learnt the story of ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ and even changed the story using our own imaginative ideas.

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Forest Class (YR & Y1) Curriculum Map T4

Forest Class – T4 curriculum overview – March 2019

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Forest Class (YR & Y1) Curriculum Map T3

Forest Class – T3 curriculum overview – Feb 2019

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