Birch class – Year 6 Term 4 2019

What a busy term this has been. We said goodbye to Laura and hello to Jess and hats off to Year 6 for adapting to the change so well. We have been really lucky to have had Jack teaching Birch class some excellent exercise routines in the form of circuit training – they are all activities which we can do at home or in the park to help keep ourselves fit and healthy. In PSHE we have been learning some basic first aid skills. You will see from the photos that the children practised how to check for a pulse and for breathing and put someone into a recovery position – we may well have some future paramedics amongst us. Maths and Art week saw the children combine their skills of precision and creativity to create the most fabulous ‘Curves of Pursuit’ and Cardioids. These turned out to be thoroughly ‘mindful’ activities. One of the literary highlights of the term has been listening to the children develop and deliver some heated debates on whether people should eat less meat and whether homework should be banned – we might even have some future politicians amongst us…

 DSC_0990 DSC_0992 DSC_0994 DSC_0996_20190403_151304

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Cedar class – Year 5 Term 4 2019

This certainly has been a term to remember! We have enjoyed a mind-blowing Art & Maths week, during which we learnt to use traditional draftsman skills to create one point perspective drawings, and mono prints inspired by our class novel, Skellig. We enjoyed a parkour session at Cotham School, and learnt to negotiate an obstacle course with special rolls, falls and jumps. We have been enjoying bread-making each Friday, along with board games sessions, when we learn new board games from all over the world, and find new ways of enjoying each other’s company!


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Year 3 have had a wonderful term focusing on the ‘Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane’. We have finished the term off by looking into a missing person report, in which Edward Tulane was our victim. To help the investigators find Edward, we created fact files not only on Edward Tulane but on other specific topics, ranging from great white sharks to Mount Everest! Our outstanding artwork of Edward’s dreams has been held onto for as long as possible, and parents can now see the children’s creativity put to the test. We have thoroughly enjoyed our journey with Edward Tulane and will miss him very much.

We consolidated our learning of measurement in Maths and Art week by measuring our hands and fingers. The children looked out for many shapes within their surroundings and measured perimeters whenever possible! This has been encouraged by our flag pop art project. We have just dipped our toe into the water with fractions, so any encouragement at home would be appreciated.

A superb term of coding has also come to a close, which the children are experts in! Please do try and keep this going at home on computers or tablets! Well done Year 3- an awesome term of learning!

Flag Pop Art Hand Pop art


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In Willow class we have been focusing on a wishing tale, ‘The Edge of the World’. The children have learned the story and looked at punctuating speech in their own stories. There were lots of fabulous ideas for people searching for things and meeting many weird and wonderful creatures and people along the way.  In maths we have mainly focused on fractions and decimals but also looked at shapes that tessellate during maths and art week. We made patterns out of several different shapes as well as creating our own irregular shapes that tessellated perfectly; we even made a tessellation out of ourselves! We were inspired by the work of M.C. Escher and have been looking at all the shapes he drew along the way to creating his wonderful, impossible pictures. In RE we have been studying why Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’ and even performed our own drama about the empty tomb at the school Easter service. Congratulations to the whole class for taking part.

DSC02570 DSC02571 DSC02594 DSC02595 DSC02596 DSC02600 DSC02608

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Chestnut Class (Y2) – Term 4

This term, Chestnut Class (Y2) have done lots of super learning in maths. We have focused on measurement, shape and fractions. During ‘Maths & Art Week’, we focused on measuring length whilst also creating our own versions of Mondrian’s famous primary colour paintings. The children worked so hard on their creations and should be so proud of their work!

In literacy, we’ve delved into different worlds using the ‘Talk for Writing’ text ‘How the World was Made’ as our impetus. We created worlds of chocolate; birthday worlds and even a fairy land!

We were lucky enough to take a trip up to Cotham School to spend an afternoon bouncing around on their gymnastics equipment! The children were able to put their previous gymnastics learning into action on their big, exciting equipment and they all had a fantastic time!

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Forest Class – Term 4

Forest Class have had such a fantastic Spring term and managed to fit in so much!

Each Friday we have started cookery lessons with Dipika where the children have been following recipes to make delicious but healthy food which tied in with this term’s PSHE topic.

In maths, Oak Learners (YR) have been learning about 1 more and 1 less and looking at ordering numbers to 20.  Hazel Learners (Y1) children have been learning about place value and beginning to explore multiplication and division through making equal groups of objects.

This term we had ‘Maths and Art Week’  where we looked at the artist Kandinsky. We used our mathematical knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes, symmetry and repeated patterns to help us develop our artistic skills. We created our own Kandinsky inspired paintings and a class frieze which we shared with the whole school in assembly.

In literacy, we learnt the story of ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ and even changed the story using our own imaginative ideas.

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Y2 – Chestnut Class Curriculum Map T4

Y2 Chestnut Class T4 Curriculum Map

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Y6 Birch Class – Curriculum Map T4

Y6 Birch Class curriculum map term 4 2018-19

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