Maple Class (Year 3) Term 6

Maple class have completed their final term with outstanding effort and attitude. We have been writing persuasive letters to Mr Kirke asking him to join his class in Year 4. The children have described all the qualities they have and explained what they are looking forward to. In Maths we have been enjoying some dice games which the children can easily play at home! Sports day was a huge success with everyone demonstrating their athletic attributes. We thoroughly enjoyed our splendid trip to Cheddar Gorge and Caves, in which we learnt a tremendous amount on the Stone Age and the beauty of the caves. We were lucky to experience a visit from the Mounted section of Avon and Somerset police, the children watched a demonstration of Jack being handcuffed (voluntarily), and even trained Rolo for loud crowd noises. Our forest school trip at Clifton College sports ground was a great success. All the children completed the cross country course twice! We also learnt how to build a campfire and cooked marshmallows as a delicious treat. A huge congratulations to everyone in Maple class this year, we have had some amazing experiences!

the Cheddar Man skeletonStone Age workshopGough CaveForest school campfireCave bear skeletonBath uni sports day- Judo

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Chestnut Class (Y2) Curriculum Map T6

Y2 T6 Curriculum Map

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Birch Class (Y6) Curriculum Map T6

Birch Class Y6 curriculum map term 6 2018-19

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Cedar Class (Y5) Curriculum Map T6

Cedar Class curriculum map Year 5 Term 6 2019 (1)

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Willow Class (Y4) Curriculum Map T6

Y4 Willow Class curriculum map term 6

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Maple Class (Y3) Curriculum Map T6

Maple Class Y3 curriculum map term 6

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Forest Class (Oak & Hazel Learners) Curriculum Map T6

Forest Class curriculum overview term 6

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Birch Class (Y6) Term 5


This week Year 6 threw themselves into their final Summer Dance, and delighted us on Thursday with their Sword and Maypole dances. As part of Roman week the children have been producing an extended piece of writing detailing a personal account of a gladiators escape from the fighting arena. Our Roman week will conclude with our Roman Artefact workshop today at the MShed.

As we are sure you will have heard by now, the children now know their parts for our ‘Macbeth’ production. They are being given their scripts to take home over half-term. Whilst the priority this holiday is for all the children to relax and enjoy the absence of revision, it would be great if they could also start to learn there lines. We will be starting rehearsals in earnest next term. have a fabulous break and thank you for all your continued support.

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