YEAR 2 TERM 6 2017/18

We have had a really busy and exciting  last term here in Year 2. For our History topic we have been finding out about famous people from the past and enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Isambard Brunel. We went on a fantastic trip to the SS Great Britain to see one of Brunel’s greatest inventions and  compared life in the Victorian times with life today. Since then we have been thinking lots about how these key people have influenced the modern world.
We also went on a trip to the Forest where we learnt how to make a wooden mallets and took part in a cross country race. 
In literacy we have been following and writing new recipes and baking some delicious flapjacks and gingerbread men.
In PE we have been learning yoga positions and putting together our own sequences.
IMG_1348 IMG_1349 IMG_1352 IMG_1372 IMG_1385 IMG_1387

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We have had a wonderful final term in Reception class. In Literacy we have been learning the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children had great fun acting this story out. They also innovated the story with brand new characters. In addition to this the children invented their own houses for the three pigs using different materials, testing how well they would stand up when being blown. During our Art week we created stormy sea backgrounds for The Tempest Year 6 play.
In Mathematics the children have been exploring measurement. They compared their heights, ordered cups of juice by capacity and weighed different objects around the classroom. During this term they revised and developed their knowledge on money and shapes. The children also spent some time learning about time, drawing hands on a clock face. 
We were very lucky to go on another trip to the Library at the start of this term. The children were so grownup when walking to the Library and are really learning what happens and how to behave in a library.
We have had a fantastic year with Reception class. We wish them all good luck with their new adventure in Year 1 class. 
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YEAR 5 TERM 5 2017/18

This has been such an exciting term!

We have enjoyed spending more time outdoors in the sunshine, practising for our big May Day country dancing event. We have also found lots of time to do art across the curriculum, with weaving and print making taking centre stage, basing our mono-prints on our studies of the life cycles of plants and close-up studies in the school garden.

Our science topic has seen a batch of frogspawn grow and develop into the prettiest little frogs, ready to leave the tank and make a new home in our school pond. We have visited an exhibition on neuroscience at Bristol University and learnt about how the brain and the nervous system work.

We were also invited to travel to Bath for a day at the American Museum (photographs used courtesy of Dan Ovens), where we learnt about the cultures of Native Americans, which will stand us in very good stead in Term 6.


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YEAR 6 TERM 5 2017/18

Term 5 has been a very busy one for our wonderful Year 6 class. They tackled SATs head-on and are looking forward to finishing off their writing assessments next term too. As soon as we finished SATs, we found out what our end of year play will be: The Tempest.

We are very excited! Casting has also just been done, so look out for photos of the class in all their “farb garb” next term!

We’ve been up to Clifton College to do a cross-country run and use a trebuchet too; firing different objects to see which go further.

We have also experienced how to make a fan boat: designing, building and racing them. It was a great day!

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YEAR 1 TERM 5 2017/18

Year 1 have done so much this term!

We have had another interesting forest school trip where we had the opportunity to cook marshmallows on a real fire and were creative; we got to cut and make our own wooden necklaces. We had a great time at Clifton College.

We visited Chew Valley Animal Park to look at different animals linked to our topic work; we even got to see ‘Meerkats’ which we loved as our new book is called ‘Meerkat Mail’.

We have a new member of the class- Sunny the Meerkat. He has come to join us and we have been taking him on adventures. We took him to the Royal Fort Garden and he had a lovely time.

A BIG THANK YOU to those parents that have joined us on the trips making it possible for us to go.


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YEAR 4 TERM 5 2017/18

Term five has definitely been our busiest term yet. Practising for our Summer Dance and Mummers Play has been a great challenge but there have been a number of other achievements the children should be proud of.

In English, we have explored two different types of non-fiction genres. First of all, we learnt about persuasive writing with our history topic on the Anglo Saxons. On the history side, we made some amazing paper craft Anglo-Saxon houses. Next, we studied a Russian folk tale called ‘Firebird’ and learnt to write discussions about the characters in this book. We spent some time making some lovely collages of a scene in this tale where the firebird steals golden apples from a tree in a palace garden.

Our science topic has been ‘Animals including Humans’ which has seen us make clay models of our own teeth and give a practical demonstration of the digestive system using a pair of tights, plastic bag and a paper cup to show how food gets digested by the body. We have continued our discussion writing into our science topic to discuss animals that are having their habitats threatened by climate change. We constructed food chains whilst learning the answer to questions such as ‘how and what does a worm eat?’

In maths, we have really come forward in big strides, learning in depth about decimals, among other things, and all the time we are gradually getting better at our multiplication tables which we practise every day. Chess continues and we have finished our chess championship with a few of the children going on to represent the school in a chess tournament. Our work on metacognition (learning about how we learn) continues. As part of this, we have been again learning about the benefits of a growth mindset.


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YEAR 3 TERM 5 2017/18

Year 3 have had a great term learning about animals, humans and plants! They have really enjoyed carrying out Science experiments and making careful observations. The highlight of our term was our trip to Windmill Hill City farm. Feeding goats and their kids and seeing cows curl their tongues for a banana skin gave the children an enormous amount of joy. It was wonderful to see the children working collaboratively on the big ship in the playground. 


DSC01418 DSC01429 DSC01439 DSC01452 DSC01473 DSC01466 DSC01468 DSC01476

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YEAR 2 TERM 5 2017/18

Year 2 have had a wonderfully busy and exciting term. We absolutely loved our amazing trip to Chew Valley Farm a few weeks ago and since then, in literacy, have been busy writing animal fact files for all the animals we found out about. We have been looking at animal life cycles in our topic lessons and been very excited about our class tadpoles, closely observing them turn into frogs!

Some children in Year 2 have been really busy preparing for their show, The Magic Shoes, which will be performed this Friday at The Wickham theatre. All of our class will be watching the show which all parents are welcome to come along too.

In Maths children have been learning about time focusing on half past, quarter to and quarter past.

In PE we have been busy practicing our summer dance and also learning new tennis skills.

All of the children tried really hard with their SATS this term and we are very proud of them.


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