Term 2 in year 6 has been an exciting one! We started the term with Art and Anti – bullying week looking at the book The Island by Armin Greder. We explored the themes of isolation, compassion, fear, freedom, power and difference. We thought about the key question:  What can the consequences of anger, fear and hostility towards others feel and look like?

Year 6 also visited the Lifeskills Centre to learn about how to keep safe in the real world and took part in Antarctica Week 2019, where we spoke to Nadescha Zwerschke, who is a Marine Biologist at BAS. We were lucky enough to have 30-minute question and answer session with our ‘polar expert’ about their job at the British Antarctic Survey. The children were thoughtful and asked relevant and meaningful questions about why Antarctic research matters.

Some of the questions we asked were…

How does the weather affect your health?

What did you feel like the first time you went to the Antarctic?

Why do you focus on the Antarctic?

What inspired you to become a marine biologist?

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